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Kauraru Gold

Kauraru Gold Pty Ltd holds exploration permits over Horn Island (EPM25520) and various other islands in the Torres Strait (EPM25418) and is a subsidiary of Alice Queen Limited. Kauraru Gold has assembled an experienced team of mining executives with the requisite corporate and technical skills along with a broad base of investors that,  provides a unique opportunity for exploration in the region.

Gold was first discovered at Horn Island in the late 1800′s, however no exploration or production had occurred since 1989.

Kauraru Gold approached the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines and has been successful in having restriction (RA295), over the area that comprised of the old Horn Island gold mine (RA295) lifted, in order that exploration for further gold resources can take place and that one day, subject to an economic resource being found, the mine operations at the site can be re-established. RA295 was placed over the land by the Queensland Government in 1991 where upon the previous operator of the mine went bankrupt and did not fulfil the requisite rehabilitation of the mine site.